Sunday, March 27, 2005

UN rights report whitewashes Turkey

THE first-ever report by the United Nations on the Human Rights situation in Cyprus is remarkable for the fact that it avoids any reference to the Turkish invasion, the continuing occupation of north Cyprus and the consequent ethnic cleansing of the Greek Cypriot population of the north.

Even more astoundingly, the report makes no reference at all to the fact that Turkey has been found guilty repeatedly by the Human Rights Court of the Council of Europe of violating the rights of the Greek Cypriot refugees by barring their return, the repossession of their properties, and, what is more, that it refuses to obey the Court's order to restore the rights of these refugees.

The report concludes that the ``persisting de facto partition of the island constitutes a major obstacle to the enjoyment of human rights by all Cypriots throughout the island,'' without any explanation, or of Turkey's responsibility for this situation.

The general shockingly superficial approach of the report is that it avoids detailed reference to specific cases or the plight of the enclaved. It is also indicative that the report dismisses the large scale destruction of the Christian and Greek cultural heritage in the occupied north through the sacrilegious destruction of hundreds of churches and cemeteries by saying only that ``there were a few reports of vandalism of unused religious sites.''

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