Monday, August 23, 2004

Videos Worth the Download

Be careful when inflating your next wading pool. (Not to worry, the guy wasn't harmed. Not surprising, nor were any animals harmed--most likely because there were no animals in the video.)

Leave work early using this cool fire escape. The boss will never know.

Watch where you're diving! (Or, the World's Shortest Vacation.)

The Webs favourite FREEBIES

Here are 10 of the most popular free software downloads on the web. We update this list regularly and welcome suggested and additions.

1 AVG Anti-Virus
Why pay for anti-virus software when you can have this much-loved bug buster for free.

2 Zone Alarm
Stop cyber-criminals attacking your computer while you're online with this essential free firewall. (I Have used this now for yrs.)

3 Google Toolbar 2.0
This latest version of the Google Toolbar offers easy searching, blocks pop-ups and makes it easy to fill in online forms.

4 Trillian
Access several instant messaging services with one handy tool. Essential for chat fans.

5 BigFix
BigFix can detect and correct all kinds of problems on your computer, usually before they get a chance to mess up your system.

6 Adobe Acrobat Reader
The well-known document reader is essential for anyone who buys gadgets or software, since instruction manuals are now often supplied as Acrobat files rather than paper booklets.

7 Core FTP Lite
You'll find this FTP program very welcome if you need to transfer files to your website with ease.

8 IrfanView
A great image viewer with simple image-editing functions.

9 Spybot Search & Destroy
Not quite as big as Ad-aware, but this spyware stopper recently won a Web User Gold Award, and I have used it on my computer for ages.

10 Pop-up Stopper
f there was ever a program that deserves the over-used phrase, "does what it says on the tin".

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Step By Step: Power to Your Browser

If you spend hours in front a computer--whether at the office or at home--chances are a good chunk of that is Web-surfing time. Web browsers are such ubiquitous tools that people take them for granted. You shouldn't. They can use substantial amounts of computer resources, and their temporary files can hog huge amounts of disk space. Plus, there are those occasional browser security issues that require patches and updates.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most common Web browser for the simple reason that it's included with Windows. But substitutes for IE are becoming more and more popular because of their advanced features and their relative--albeit not absolute--freedom from security problems. Dozens of different browsers exist, but two--the free, open-source Mozilla and the $29 Opera (free with ad banners)--are probably the most widely used alternatives to Internet Explorer. You can download these browsers atMozilla v1.7: or Opera 7.5: or use the one that I use downloadable from Firefox
If you are STILL unsure that you should try or use another Browser other than IE I suggest that you read THIS excelent article from Daniel Grays

Monday, August 16, 2004


“A world-class file organizer... A supercharged version of the Start menu's My Recent Documents folder... gives you split-second access to the files you opened yesterday, last week, three months ago, or even last year.”

“TaskTracker is the most significant contribution to my productivity (in terms of finding things) in the past five years.”

TaskTracker™ takes the Windows® Explorer and turns it inside out. Say goodbye to tedious searches for files in Windows' convoluted file system. Now you can get to the files you want to work with - and open, copy, rename, or move them - right away without having to remember where you left them. A great FREE download
Note: Although you're encouraged to make a contribution, TaskTracker is free. It has a free renewal after 90 days, and you can renew it indefinitely. Users should download a new version after Day 75 to get the additional 90 days.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bartleby Library: Great Books Online

One thing that was fun to do on a hot summer day was to curl up in a hammock under a shady tree. Today, thanks to wireless technology and the Internet,You can enjoy books from the comfort of that hammock, using a laptop or PDA.THIS site is one called the Bartleby Library: Great Books Online. Here you check our some great classic literature and read it online or print it out for later consumption. There is a wide variety of books here, such as Agatha Christie's first novel, "A Mysterious Affair at Styles", to Emily Post's "Etiquette", and several books by President Theodore Roosevelt. An interesting stop as far as I was concerned was the Quotes section. They make interesting reading.

So curl up under that old shade tree, and enjoy your reading time. This is an educational as well as informative site. Enjoy your stop here today.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Simplifying Digital Photography

I own a digital camera, and I have found that the photo software on my computer is ok but I like to look out for better alternatives Taking your pictures is only half the battle. After that is over with, you still need to transfer them, make minor corrections, and then optimize them to be shared with your friends. Most photo software publishers just don’t understand what the consumers want in a simple, yet useful application. However, there’s one piece of software that you should definitely download, and it’s called Picasa.

I have talked about how wonderful Picasa is beforeon other sites, but an even greater incentive to check it out is that it’s now completely free! All of the simple functions that you would want in your photo software are here. Everything from transferring the photos from your camera to creating slideshows and ordering prints is built right in. Simple editing and automatic organization can also be expected. Great stuff!

After you’ve become accustomed with Picasa, give Hello a try. It’s another great free program from Picasa. With Hello, you can share your photos with your friends in an instantaneous way. You no longer have to wait to upload your photos so that everyone can see them. Along with this, you can chat about the photos while you and your friends are viewing them together.

With these two programs installed on your computer, you should be equipped to make the most of your digital pictures, but there is also another site that may come in useful Join HP Photo
Share photos via e-mail, store your photos online, learn to do creative photo projects, get professional prints made and more

Microsoft Web Messenger

Microsoft announced recently that they are beta testing a new all-online version of the MSN Messenger. The goal of the project is to be able to use the MSN messaging service without having to download the actual client. This is handy for folks who might be at work, school, or a library where they are not allowed to install software.

After trying out the beta service, it appears that it is almost identical to the MSN Messenger client. Now I only have one question. Haven’t Yahoo!’s Instant Messenger and AIM been doing this for a few years now?

Monday, August 09, 2004

if only you'd known it was that easy

a very entertaining japanese video clip depicting what must be some ancient japanese origami technique of folding shirts - sounds dull, but its short and worth a look, i guarantee youll do a double take at the end. besides, its helpful!

El Nino may return in 3 months

NEW YORK, New York (Reuters) -- El Nino, the dreaded weather anomaly which has killed hundreds and spawned disasters across the Asia-Pacific region over the years, could possibly develop by late 2004, the Climate Prediction Center of the U.S. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration said.

In a monthly report devoted to monitoring El Nino which was issued late Thursday, the Center said sea surface temperatures have risen in the central Pacific Ocean and may "indicate the possible early stages of a warm episode."

The Center predicted on its web site that "El Nino conditions are expected to develop during the next three months."

There is about a 50 percent chance that weather patterns will meet NOAA's definitions for an El Nino during June and August of 2004.

"Approximately half of the statistical and coupled model forecasts indicate near neutral conditions in the tropical Pacific through the end of 2004," the Center reported. "The remaining forecasts indicate El Nino conditions will develop within the next 3-6 months."

A 'Kelvin' wave pushing warm waters eastward has been observed, contributing to "an increase in the subsurface temperature anomalies in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific (Ocean)."

Warming sea temperatures and changes in prevailing winds can raise the height of sea level several inches which may indicate an impending El Nino.

El Nino is a weather phenomenon which leads to an abnormal warming of waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, recurring roughly once every three years.

The anomaly was first noticed by Latin American anchovy fishermen in the 19th century and was named in honor of the Christ child because it would take place around the year-end Christmas holiday season.

Severe El Ninos, as happened in 1997/98, would cause searing drought in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia while spawning rampant flooding in Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. Another Nino in 2002/03 caused the worst drought in Australia in a century.

The warming of Pacific Ocean waters can cause floods and drought as far as South Africa and trigger severe winter storms in California.

El Nino killed hundreds of people in 1997/98 and caused billions of dollars in damages. Before that, another El Nino in 1977/78 likewise killed hundreds and caused several hundred million dollars in damages.

NOTE If you still feel secure then go to THIS link for some more bedtime reading

The View from up There

A wonderful collection of photographs using an aerial or overhead perspective. We live on a beautiful planet.