Thursday, December 15, 2005

ING Direct cuts rate to 4.5%

While ING Direct has always boasted market-leading rates, that claim will now be quashed. Most of the accounts in This is Money's best savings rates tables beat ING Direct's 4.5% rate.

The online accounts of Sainsbury's Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, Halifax, Nationwide Leeds Building Society and Bradford & Bingley all offer a higher rate. If you're an ING Direct customer, you can search for an account with a better rate using our account finder, which is powered by our partner

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Read the letter that won the internet governance battle

Condoleezza Rice's missive to the EU
By Kieren McCarthy
Published Friday 2nd December 2005 09:07 GMT
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The World Summit in Tunis last month was overshadowed by the global argument over internet governance.

Its biggest controversy came with the proposition put forward by the EU a month earlier that there be a new inter-governmental body that oversee ICANN. The US government - which currently enjoys unilateral control over the internet infrastructure - was furious and launched an enormous lobbying campaign, both public and private, across the board to retain its position.Most significant among all those lobbying efforts was a letter sent from the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to the UK foreign minister Jack Straw acting in the role of presidency of the EU.

In the letter, Rice used strong language for a diplomatic missive, to stress how seriously the US administration was taking the issue and how determined it was to retain ICANN in overall charge of the internet. European diplomats privately confessed that the letter had a significant impact on their position.

The result was that the EU never raised its inter-governmental forum again in World Summit meetings, and the end agreement stuck with the US position.

This is the first time time the full text of that letter has been published: