Sunday, September 26, 2004

Cyber-Safety for All

The "Cyber-Safety for All: From Kids to Elders" booklet is a free download
for non-commercial use
Norwich University Professor Michel E. Kabay wrote this guide to "help people of all
ages protect themselves and their loved ones from people who use the
Internet and other aspects of modern telecommunications to harm others."

The guide covers everything from pornography and pedophiles to scams and
chain letters. Hackers, viruses, spyware and online auctions are covered as
well, and every section has a list of additional resources to get more
information on that topic. The Guide presents a lot of common sense ideas
about how to educate yourself and others regarding safety on the Internet.

This is a very good resource to pass along to everyone you know. Even if
they don't have a computer, the information presented in the Guide helps
dispel some myths about so-called dangers, and gives practical advice about
those things we should all be aware of. At 82 pages it is a bit much to
print the whole thing for all of your non-computer-owner friends, but it is
worth having a copy that you can offer to those who want to educate
themselves about the realities of life on the Internet. The sections about
e-mail scams and spam are well worth handing out to those occasional
e-mailers that seem to flood you with questionable information.

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