Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Simplifying Digital Photography

I own a digital camera, and I have found that the photo software on my computer is ok but I like to look out for better alternatives Taking your pictures is only half the battle. After that is over with, you still need to transfer them, make minor corrections, and then optimize them to be shared with your friends. Most photo software publishers just don’t understand what the consumers want in a simple, yet useful application. However, there’s one piece of software that you should definitely download, and it’s called Picasa.

I have talked about how wonderful Picasa is beforeon other sites, but an even greater incentive to check it out is that it’s now completely free! All of the simple functions that you would want in your photo software are here. Everything from transferring the photos from your camera to creating slideshows and ordering prints is built right in. Simple editing and automatic organization can also be expected. Great stuff!

After you’ve become accustomed with Picasa, give Hello a try. It’s another great free program from Picasa. With Hello, you can share your photos with your friends in an instantaneous way. You no longer have to wait to upload your photos so that everyone can see them. Along with this, you can chat about the photos while you and your friends are viewing them together.

With these two programs installed on your computer, you should be equipped to make the most of your digital pictures, but there is also another site that may come in useful Join HP Photo
Share photos via e-mail, store your photos online, learn to do creative photo projects, get professional prints made and more

Microsoft Web Messenger

Microsoft announced recently that they are beta testing a new all-online version of the MSN Messenger. The goal of the project is to be able to use the MSN messaging service without having to download the actual client. This is handy for folks who might be at work, school, or a library where they are not allowed to install software.

After trying out the beta service, it appears that it is almost identical to the MSN Messenger client. Now I only have one question. Haven’t Yahoo!’s Instant Messenger and AIM been doing this for a few years now?

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